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HARTING Han® HPR TrainPowerLine - Efficient power distribution for railway vehicles

Han HPR TrainPowerLine

  • Lower weight and easier to install alternative to UIC 552 Interface
  • Reduce number of connections with Y-distributor
  • Pre-assembled and fully tested distribution box simplifies supply chain 
  • Crimp termination and robust shielding for up to 300 MCM cable
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HARTING Han® HPR VarioShell - The next level of inter car jumper solutions

Han HPR Varioshell

  • Designed for jumper cables between cars
  • Uses same cut-out as existing jumper cables for each retrofit
  • Two rows of connectors for inserts for more in the same space
  • Wires easily accessible for maintenance
  • Curved designed prevents damage from ice, accounting for expansion behind the connector
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HARTING Han® HPR HPTC - High Performance Transformer Connectors


  • Connector specifically designed for connecting the transformer to the battery
  • Rated 400 to 1400 amps 
  • Stackable, allowing multiple connection points in a single space
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Han HPR - Outdoor Rated Connectors

  • Standard sized rectangular connectors for outdoor use 
  • Stainless steel screw locking 
  • IP68 rated 
  • Suitable for use in harsh outdoor environments 
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The new OFS fiber optic solution allows easy in-field assembly of glass fiber optics for industrial applications.  The product combines the Han-Compact® from HARTING, an industrial rectangular connector whose compact locking lever gives it a slim profile, with the OFS industrial rated LC crimp and cleave solution. The LC Crimp and Cleave uses the advanced optical and mechanical properties of HCS® (Hard Clad Silica) and Graded Index HCS® optical fibers, attaching to the cable through mechanical means rather than traditional epoxy/polish methods.   This results in an easy-to-terminate and reliable fiber optic cable assembly suited for the stringent requirements of industrial applications.  


    • Ability to terminate on site without 3rd party equipment
    • Easy to use and quick training for technicians – handles like copper wire
    • Robust and tested solution from two industry leaders
    • Repeatable termination process
    • Slim connector profile offers space-savings
    • Resistance to abrasion, vibration and industrial chemicals
    • No power, no epoxy, no gel, no polishing required for termination process
    • Lighter than similar copper solutions
    • High tensile strength
    Circular Connectors

    Standard Metric Circular

    • M8, M12, 7/8", M23 connectors and cordset
    • Shielded and unshielded version availablity
    • Available codings: A, B, D, L, X
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    M12 Pushpull

    M8 and M12 PushPull

    • Fast and easy connection of circular connectors
    • Reliable in high shock and vibration environments
    • IP67 rating
    • A, D, and X codings available
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    Benefits of SPE

    Single Pair Ethernet

    • Up to 1 Gbit Ethernet over 2 wires
    • Lighter weigh than 4 and 8 wire Ethernet
    • Standardized mating face according to IEC 63171-6 (formerly IEC 61076-3-125)
    • For the construction of future-proof and standardized SPE communication networks with standardized cabling according to ISO/IEC 11801 and TIA 42
    • Meets IEEE 802.3 requirements for SPE
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    Industrial Ethernet Solutions

    • Wide range of Ethernet solutions  
      • Inserts for Han Industrial Connectors
      • Circular Connectors
      • Quick connect PushPull 
      • RJ45 and Mini RJ45 
    • IP ratings up to IP67
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