At Akabo Media we take privacy very seriously. Throughout the data collection process, all necessary steps are taken to ensure that data is used only according to the purposes that we have clearly stated.

Purposes for which information is collected

All data collected at this site is regulated by the UK Data Protection Act. Akabo Media Ltd, our parent company, is duly registered as a data collector for various purposes under the Act. In the case of, data collected may be used for two purposes. First, for the purpose of providing any service requested by you. Second, for the purpose of direct marketing by Akabo Media Ltd and other companies. This implies that we may from time to time send you information about Akabo Media products, magazines, or conferences, and that we may pass your name and address on to other companies whose products we believe you might be interested in. As of 31 March 2000 (in accordance with the revised Data Protection Act 1998) you must actively give your consent for this at the time the information is collected. We will not use your information if this consent is not given.

Your right to ‘opt out’

Under the Data Protection Act, all data subjects have the right to ‘opt out’ of direct marketing campaigns. If you previously gave consent for data to be used and wish to opt out later, you can inform us in writing or by email. Data submitted to will then not be used for any kind of direct marketing or mailshots, or provided to third parties. However, you may still receive mail from us about your purchases or subscriptions.

Use of email addresses

By submitting your email address to us, you agree to allow us to use this address to notify you of any facts which may be pertinent to your use of This does not permit us to use your email address to send unsolicited marketing material for any purpose or to pass your email address on to third parties. We will not use any email address provided by you for this purpose, or make it available to any third party at any time.

For more information

This statement is a summary and does not represent a complete statement of intent on behalf of Akabo Media Ltd in respect of information privacy. If you require more information, please contact us with your comments and we will do our best to answer you as quickly as possible.


We also collect certain information automatically about visitors to our Websites, as described in our Cookie Policy.

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